Healing Food

Ginger Tea with Mint and Honey

bittersweetHealing Food Series
This post is a tribute to Ginger or ginger root and all its outstanding health benefits to human life. It’s truly amazing how Mother Nature heals us by giving us spices, plants, fruits, vegetables and trees with incredible healing potentials that could prevent us from becoming ill. All Her natural medicines are all over us, we just have to explore and consume it properly.


Ginger has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance called gingerol which makes it one of the best natural home remedies for almost everything. Hence, ginger is considered one of the superfoods in the planet. Ginger’s medicinal benefits are scientifically proven.

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Healing Food

Baked Apple with Banana Oatmeal Filling

sweetHealing Food Series
Heartburn doesn’t generally pose any serious health concern but the discomfort it causes can hold a person from accomplishing important tasks.


Heartburn, as defined by Mayo Clinic, is burning pain in the chest, just behind the breastbone. The pain is often worse when lying down or bending over. The pain arises from the stomach or lower chest and then spreads towards the neck, throat, and jaw as a result of stomach acid backing up to the esophagus (swallowing pipe where the food passes from the mouth to the stomach). It commonly appears after a meal or during sleep.

To curb heartburn, WebMD suggested cutting down the amount of food to eat at a time. “No matter what the food is, how good it looks, or how much you like it, eating too much food at once makes heartburn more likely.”

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Healing Food

Okra Nuggets

saltyHealing Food Series
This is the third of the series on Alkaline Food for Gouty Arthritis featuring Okra Nuggets. Besides being an alkaline food, this crunchy snacks are also very southern inspired especially with the use of cornmeal for dredging the okra pieces instead of a flour and cornstarch mixture.

Okra nuggets could be served as a side dish to BBQ Tofu Burger (another alkaline food featured on this series) or separately as appetizer. I personally don’t like the texture of okra when it comes down my throat but some people aren’t bothered by its texture. However, I love okra when mixed in a Gumbo recipe, just so yummy!

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Healing Food

BBQ Tofu Burger on Rye Toast

savorysweetHealing Food Series
This is the second part of the series on Alkaline Food for Gouty Arthritis.  On the first part, Edamame And Squash on Rye Bruschetta, I quoted Herbs Info as it identified food items that could be included in the alkaline diet for people suffering from gouty arthritis. These items include: Rye breadTofu,  Okra,  Green soybeans (edamame), Carrots, Green leafy vegetables, Tomato, Red and yellow pepper,  Pumpkin (or any squash), Green onion,   Cucumber,  Cabbage,  Lettuce, Garlic, Dried seaweed, and Olive oil.”


For this recipe, I included the above highlighted items and also used the Edamame and Squash mixture as relish for the sandwich. I also tried to give the tofu a smoky-barbeque flavor by using mostly natural and organic ingredients.



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