A Post-Thanksgiving Note

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving Everyone!

I always make a list of things I needed to buy or do prior to any holiday meal. I’ve been doing this for years. Often, I forget a thing or two. This holiday, I overlooked two staples of a traditional Thanksgiving meal – cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie 😦


Not that it really matters. I’m sure for many of us, there are more important things to look back to and be grateful for. I hope you all had a wonderful and memorable get-together dinner with your family, friends and loved ones this holiday. This is the true meaning of the holidays anyhow.


However, for the sake of learning from my mistakes, if I were to go back to my list I’ll probably find other things to improve on.


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Boodle Fight

Early Spring I had a Filipino friend who came over to the house for a visit and so I thought we would do a “boodle fight” lunch.


Boodle fight is a word used in the Philippine Military to refer to mess hall banquet where all the food are piled into one big tray in each table. Sometimes they use banana leaves if no tray is available or sometimes even old newspapers. The soldiers eat from the same tray with bare hands as symbol of camaraderie. It is sort of a “fight” since you have to grab and eat as much as you can while everyone else is gorging away at the same time. There is a jug of water to use for washing hands before and after eating.
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