BREADMAKING, a delicious escape from the Pandemic nightmare

FEATURED RECIPES: War Bread, French Toast, Open-faced Turkey & Poached Egg Sandwich

Where have I been all this time? My life took a turn with some life changing events. I sold my country home and moved 50 miles away. With my house gone, I temporarily lost my bearing for not having my own space and independence. Then, I changed my job to a better, more challenging one – all these happened in just 2 years.

Then, the great COVID pandemic came to town and conquered the world in a lock down for about 8 months or so. Everyone found themselves quarantined except for the so-called “essential workers”. I was one of them! I was working my way through the pandemic. I felt lucky I still made money; yet scared that I might catch the virus in the process.

In the last 2 years and especially in 2020, life for me and for everyone in the world has been a plethora of tales that taste like salty and sour (expressions of anger) since the world has suddenly shut down without notice; as well as bitterly unhappy since people couldn’t do things they have normally done.

Some tales were sweet and savory for those who can see the silver lining behind the dark clouds of the pandemic. I believe most of us in the beginning of 2021 were hoping the pandemic was already behind us or gradually drifting away so that we can eventually return to our normal lives; or to the new normal.

Most people turned their energy into bread making, baking or cooking in general! I’ve seen many celebrities and home folks showcasing their cooking skills and delicious creations over social media. All of a sudden, everyone is baking!

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