Kingman, AZ – the Heart of Historic Route 66

With my cooking job, I seldom get a 4-day weekend off. This past Easter holiday I was lucky! So my partner and I decided to go on a long road trip out-of-state just to get away from the cold wintry Wisconsin Spring for few days. We drove off heading to Kingman, AZ. We packed a few light clothing anticipating the temperature to be around upper 80s or lower 70s.


The eating journey…

There were a lot of things to write about this trip! So let me begin with our food journey to Arizona excluding the many shortstops in between. Since we already booked our hotel online, when we arrived in Kingman, I immediately searched or googled for popular local restaurants in town. recommended 10 best places based on customer reviews. Of these ten, we went to four of these places in the course of our three-day staycation in Kingman.  And here are my thoughts about these restaurants:
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Potosi: A short bike ride in the crisp October air

​One afternoon in the middle of the week,​ ​my significant other and I were both home and off from work. We​ ​went for a short ride on the bike. Not knowing where we were heading, I dressed up for the ride: leather chaps, boots, jacket, and gloves. I also put my shades on, tightly wrapped my bandana around my head to keep my hair from blowing in my face and in my boyfriend’s face. Then I jumped at the back of the bike.

fall ride.JPG

I know I will not delight the feminists when I​ ​say I’m quite content just riding on the back of the bike with no intention of moving to the front seat. Bikers have specific word for rear rider which I cannot mention here. Just ask a biker and he/she will speak the word. Rear riders go with few other nicer names, the one I prefer is rear admiral which I will explain later.


There’s​ ​something​ ​wild and rebellious about​ ​riding​ ​a​ ​motorcycle.​ ​One of the obvious reasons is that you take off​ ​​the​ ​comfort, safety​ ​and​ ​convenience​ ​of cruising in an enclosed​ ​vehicle.​ ​There’s no​ ​seat​ ​belt,​ ​you are​ ​exposed​ ​to​ ​the changing​ ​weather​ ​as well as ​the​ ​elements​ ​on​ ​the​ ​road.​ ​And​ ​if you’re​ ​a​ ​rear rider, you relinquish total​ ​control​ ​of your​ ​own safety​ ​and​ ​fully entrust it ​to the​ ​person​ ​in​ ​front​ ​of​ ​you.​ ​Also, you let Mother Nature​ ​define​ ​the​ ​outcome​ ​of​ ​your​ ​day’s​ ​ride. It could be raining, too hot and humid or super cold and chilly, who knows?
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Seattle: Seafood, Wine, Beachfront, Surgery and More…

I was in Seattle, WA with my significant other for medical reason. He had a hip surgery at the Virginia Mason Medical Center and I was the volunteered caregiver/assistant/travelling companion 😉


Before the big day (surgery), we decided to make the most of limited time we had. First things first, we went food hunting to appease our cravings for fresh seafood Seattle is abundant with being close to the Pacific Ocean.  We went to Pike Market as every new-towner does to catch a sight of the “fish throw” which always delights the crowd they said. To our regret, we didn’t catch any of that but we saw bounty of fresh seafood I haven’t seen for decade since living in the Midwest.

003  004
005  006
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Woo Woo

You can call it fruit-flavored vodka; it has a sweet-sour fruity flavors of peach and cranberry on a base of clear vodka poured or served on a highball or tall glass and optionally garnished with slice of lemon or lime.

With its sour-crisp cranberry and sweet peach flavor plus the cool-clean vodka, this cocktail delivers a refreshing summer taste to the mouth which makes this beverage perfect for cookouts, house parties and other get-together parties with friends.

woo woo.jpg

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