Spinach and Liverwurst Dip

How many different ways can you eat or serve a German liverwurst or liver sausage besides in a cold sandwich with freshly sliced onions, maybe a few lettuce leaves, and mayo or mustard dressing?


This type of German sausage is not too versatile or flexible like any other kind of sausage because of the depth of its flavor as it is made from liver and other organ meat (offal) which generally has a mushy texture too.


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Venison Jerky

During hunting season in Wisconsin from mid-September to December, we have a bounty of venison meat in the big freezer in our basement. Last Christmas, as additional gifts to the kids (grownup kids) we gave them pounds of frozen packed venison hamburger plus a few pounds of frozen packed tenderloin steaks to take home with them.


My man is a seasoned hunter; he hunts deer, guts them out in the woods and brings home the carcass and the heart. He has certain way of butchering and packaging venison as well as his little celebratory ritual, as I call it.

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Beef Empanada and an Afternoon Prepping with Tasha

Empanada is also known as “turnover” or stuffed pastry which is usually made by filling the dough with savory or sweet ingredients, folding it over, sealing and baking or frying it. It could be served as appetizer, snack or a meal on its own.

Turnovers are very flexible dish since you can make so many versions depending on what stuffing, spices or pastry to use. Some use regular flour to make pastry dough while others prefer wheat. In southern states, they prefer to use corn flour instead.


Changing the stuffing also changes the flavor profile of empanada, for instance:
* Asian – (savory)  – use ground pork or tuna, cabbage or potato,
garlic, onion, carrots, and parsley
* Italian – (also called panzerotti) use minced beef, almonds, walnuts, chocolate,
sugar, cinnamon, basil, and cloves
* Mexican – (spicy)  use ground beef, onion, garlic, tomatoes, corn, beans, cilantro,
cumin, cayenne, jalapeno, and coriander or taco seasoning
* American – (sweet) use apples or any fruit, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon

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This Turkish dish is best to bring to any potluck parties during the summer time or any other seasonal parties you want to bring sunshine on. I made this one and brought it to a Brewer Game party we had with friends. This is so easy to make. You can use any meat, vegetables and fruits in any combination. But you have to pay close attention to which food cooks quick, which one needs more cooking time, and which needs to pre-cook ahead of time before you thread them on a skewer. And please don’t forget the sauce, don’t grill your kebabs without brushing sauce over, this will pump up the flavor of any chard food.


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