BANANA COCONUT BUNDT CAKE with Peanut Butter Frosting – No guilt for the sweet tooth

One of my resolutions this year is to cut down on my sugar intake. It is easier said, especially for someone like me who developed sweet tooth later in life when my metabolism starts to slow down. But, there’s a way and I know that!


It just takes a little amount of self-control to eat in moderation. Plus, I need to get busy in the kitchen to create and test new recipes while juggling with work and everything else in life.


Since I love banana muffin which is my go-to coffee match, I decided to make over this recipe and change most ingredients using healthier substitutes.
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Jump-starting the New Year with RED KIDNEY BEAN CUPCAKES

It is not easy to eat healthy nowadays!

Every minute of the day we are bombarded by images of mouth-watering food in television, the internet and social media. These food and beverages are packed with either bad fats (saturated or trans fats); bad carbs (high calorie, high sugar); or bad proteins (meat with high saturated fats). Worst, some of these food contain genetically modified ingredients if not chemically-laced. We are well-aware of this reality. We just chose to give it a cold shoulder.


Do we have choices left? I certainly believe we do; however it needs serious work and smart decisions. Buying pre-packed, ready-to-heat, processed food is always easier and convenient than making meals from scratch. But always, home-made food are healthier especially if the ingredients are chosen appropriately (healthy).
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Coconut Cream Pie Makeover

I will not apologize for deconstructing this classic Coconut Cream Pie recipe because the result was equally creamy and delightful. I took layers and layers of high-fat ingredients and brought them down to the bare essentials.


I took the pastry out of the crust equation. I didn’t use either the traditional graham crackers or any wafer or cookies for the crust. Instead I grabbed some granola bars (or call it by its many other names: breakfast bars, energy bars, diet bars, etc.) and microwaved them to turn crumbly. Molding the crumbled granola into the pie pan wasn’t too challenging, they formed pretty easy.

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