Ginger Tea with Mint and Honey

Healing Food Series
This post is a tribute to Ginger or ginger root and all its outstanding health benefits to human life. It’s truly amazing how Mother Nature heals us by giving us spices, plants, fruits, vegetables and trees with incredible healing potentials that could prevent us from becoming ill. All Her natural medicines are all over us, we just have to explore and consume it properly.


Ginger has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance called gingerol which makes it one of the best natural home remedies for almost everything. Hence, ginger is considered one of the superfoods in the planet. Ginger’s medicinal benefits are scientifically proven.


If we can only use it regularly in our food and drinks, we can greatly benefit from its healing potentials. Below is a list of ginger’s remarkable medicinal and healing benefits:

* Destroys ovarian cancer cells
* Boost immune system
* Treat Acid Reflux
* Cough and Sore Throat Relief
* Stuffy Nose and Congestion
* Toothache Relief
* Headache Relief
* Treat nausea and vomiting after surgery and chemotherapy
* Reduce muscle pain and soreness in osteoarthritis
* Lower blood sugar levels
* Treat chronic indigestion or upset stomach and improve digestion
* Reduce menstrual pain
* Lower cholesterol levels
* Improve brain function and protect against Alzheimer’s
* Help fight infections

We can use ginger in so many ways as ingredients for instance in cooking stir-fry and Asian dishes and sauces; as hot tea or cold beverage; as homemade candy cough drops and lozenges; or as medicinal herbs.


On this post, I used it for a very simple beverage recipe that we can include in our daily diet as a hot tea or a chilled drink. Some people normally include a squeeze of fresh citrus such as lemon or lime but I took citrus off this recipe so that people suffering from heartburn can also enjoy it. Citrus is one of the trigger foods for acid reflux.

Yield: 3 Cups

* ginger – 8-10 slices
* water – 3 cups
* honey – 3 tbsp.
* mint leaves – 5-8 pcs.

1. Peel the ginger and slice.
2. Boil the ginger in water for at least 10 minutes. For stronger flavor, boil for up to 20 minutes or add more ginger slices.
3. Add mint leaves and turn it off right away.
4. Use a strainer and transfer into another pan.
5. Add honey and mix well.
6. Serve as hot tea.
7. Or chill in the fridge and serve as cold beverage.

Thank you for reading and healthy cooking!

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