STK Launches “My Recipes – A Personalized Cookbook and Journal”

This month, Six Tastes Kitchen (STK) is soft launching its very own blank recipe cookbook and journal on This journal is one of its kind because it is designed for every cooking enthusiast as well as individuals with varying dietary preferences and restrictions due to medical conditions or lifestyle choices. 

Also unique to this journal is it features 60 popular quotes about food and cooking from famous chefs and personalities. Each recipe page is created very thoroughly to include nutritional features such as what diet types or restrictions each recipe has, a space for food cost especially if one is on a budget, nutrition facts if one is counting nutrients intake, and glossary pages for most common cooking terms and most common diet types.

It’s a perfect gift for moms, home cooks, professional chefs, restaurateurs, and anyone who loves to cook and organize their very own recipes for whatever purpose. Distinctively, this journal was created and designed by STK, which has been an active player in the food service industry since 2016. Check it out and look inside.


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