Six Tastes Kitchen just turned 1-Year old!

Someone had asked me, why do I blog? Do I make money of it?
And my answer was,  It gives me a sense of purpose!

I started this blog simply as a hobby. After blogging for a year, I realized it has turned into a commitment – a commitment to promote healthy food choices. 

Just like this amazing product I found recently, the GoMacro high-protein energy bars! The company’s motivation is very inspiring – it promotes a wholefood-based lifestyle. All their energy bars are certified organic, verified non-GMO, and made only from natural plant-based ingredients that are sourced sustainably (read: not harming the environment). And GoMacro is also a local company based in Viola, WI.

For Six Tastes Kitchen’s 1st Year Anniversary, GoMacro sent me a few samples to try and use for my recipes.

Gomacro-bars-inside macrobar-cashew-

To GoMacro and to All of You
Thank you and please continue to support Six Tastes Kitchen ❤

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