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Penne Pasta with Creamy Beef and Mushroom Sauce

This is another go-to dish which only takes less than half-an-hour to make. Yet, it won’t taste like a dish-in-a-rush. Believe me, I made few of those and regretted that if I had given it more time and respected the process it would have tasted better. But this recipe isn’t one of those.


I always keep in my cupboard few cans of cream of mushroom or chicken or celery soup for days like this that I don’t have much time to make it from scratch. I’m glad that nowadays these cream soups also come in low-sodium varieties.


For healthier option, you can get the ground beef on a ratio of 80%-20% or even 93%-7% lean vs. fat content. Also, you can choose to use gluten-free pasta or whole-wheat pasta to suit your diet. To substitute the cream, a mixture of cottage cheese (1 cup) and skim milk (1 cup) can be used; or a mixture of melted butter and skim milk with 1 cup each.

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Healing Food

Okra Nuggets

saltyHealing Food Series
This is the third of the series on Alkaline Food for Gouty Arthritis featuring Okra Nuggets. Besides being an alkaline food, this crunchy snacks are also very southern inspired especially with the use of cornmeal for dredging the okra pieces instead of a flour and cornstarch mixture.

Okra nuggets could be served as a side dish to BBQ Tofu Burger (another alkaline food featured on this series) or separately as appetizer. I personally don’t like the texture of okra when it comes down my throat but some people aren’t bothered by its texture. However, I love okra when mixed in a Gumbo recipe, just so yummy!

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Healing Food

BBQ Tofu Burger on Rye Toast

savorysweetHealing Food Series
This is the second part of the series on Alkaline Food for Gouty Arthritis.  On the first part, Edamame And Squash on Rye Bruschetta, I quoted Herbs Info as it identified food items that could be included in the alkaline diet for people suffering from gouty arthritis. These items include: Rye breadTofu,  Okra,  Green soybeans (edamame), Carrots, Green leafy vegetables, Tomato, Red and yellow pepper,  Pumpkin (or any squash), Green onion,   Cucumber,  Cabbage,  Lettuce, Garlic, Dried seaweed, and Olive oil.”


For this recipe, I included the above highlighted items and also used the Edamame and Squash mixture as relish for the sandwich. I also tried to give the tofu a smoky-barbeque flavor by using mostly natural and organic ingredients.



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