Seattle: Seafood, Wine, Beachfront, Surgery and More…

I was in Seattle, WA with my significant other for medical reason. He had a hip surgery at the Virginia Mason Medical Center and I was the volunteered caregiver/assistant/travelling companion 😉


Before the big day (surgery), we decided to make the most of limited time we had. First things first, we went food hunting to appease our cravings for fresh seafood Seattle is abundant with being close to the Pacific Ocean.  We went to Pike Market as every new-towner does to catch a sight of the “fish throw” which always delights the crowd they said. To our regret, we didn’t catch any of that but we saw bounty of fresh seafood I haven’t seen for decade since living in the Midwest.

003  004
005  006

My first Food Hunt find was at the Athenian Seafood Restaurant located at the Pike Place Market. We had a short talk with the manager Gordy. He told us this restaurant was established in 1910 in the same location. Its seafood menu features varieties of the northwest coast fresh catch such as crabs, prawns, mussels, clams, cod, salmon, halibut, and scallops all totally mouth-watering.

We took the safe-side and ordered Deep-fried Seafood Combination Platter for $22. For a starter, we had chilled Wild Prawn Cocktail for $15 for appetizer and a bottle of local red Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah for a whopping $33, yeah I know! Good thing the manager let us bring what was left of the bottle.

007  008

The prawn cocktail and seafood platter tasted real fresh despite being deep-fried and battered. They tasted more like seaweed-fresh rather than fishy. The ambiance of the restaurant was more like a cafeteria somewhat flea market style which is perfect if you want to grab a quick good fresh seafood. However, not conducive for a wine dining since it wouldn’t create the ambiance one needs to make a dinner exceptionally memorable.

We stayed in Seattle for few days and tried to see few things in town and learn more about the place inasmuch little time as we could prior to surgery, recovery, and therapy appointments.

For our last night in Seattle, we spent dinner outdoor at the Fisherman’s Restaurant seated right at the lakefront facing the inlet from the Pacific Ocean while watching the gorgeous sundown. It was the perfect ambiance for a beachfront seafood dinner, I tell you.

For a starter, we each ordered a cup of Clam Chowder (hearty creamy clam soup) and the signature Fisherman’s Chowder (seafood mix braised in tomato stock with fresh vegetables) each for $6.00. I can’t say much about the clam chowder, it’s how in-house chowder is supposed to taste but there was a character to the Fisherman’s chowder enhanced by the taste of tomato stock.

For the main entree, I ordered a local-catch Mesquite-broiled Swordfish for $27 with rice pilaf and steamed (yet still crunchy) broccoli flowers on the side.


My man ordered a farmed Mesquite-grilled Steelhead Salmon for $20 with French fries and steamed broccoli flowers on the side.


We both agreed that the fish entrees tasted really fresh instead of fishy. My swordfish was truly moist yet well-broiled and the steelhead salmon was well seared with mesquite flavor. The side dishes are served well-portioned. However, both entrees didn’t come with glaze or offer any drizzle of sauce besides lemon wedges, which would further enhance the broiled and grilled taste of the fish.

Our overall experience in Seattle, though we had limited time to explore other places was adequately enjoyable and worthwhile. In a nutshell, here are some other things we learned about this town:

Love for coffee – my first morning in Seattle was a good bowl of coffee. Apparently our hotel’s The Rhododendron Café offers all its guests all-you-can-drink morning coffee until you can’t drink anymore coffee. I was astounded!

Love for gloomy, rainy weather
– I share the same love for this weather being a dreamy, hopeless romantic myself. According to few people, weather here in Seattle is pretty mild even during the winter which gets me really excited I don’t know why. Some locals aren’t bothered by this kind of weather but some are left with no option but to stay and just embrace this weather.

Love for Amazon – yes it’s the online shopping store everyone in the world uses for shopping. Its corporate headquarters and main sales operations are situated in town and its distribution center or warehouse is located in another town in Kent, WA. We were told that half of Seattle’s residents work for Amazon. The company even owns several high –rise buildings for its employee’s apartments and dwellings.
Traffic so bad – Everyone who lives here complaints about bad traffic which according to reports is 2nd worst in the country.

Houseless in Seattle – some call them homeless but for others it’s either a lifestyle choice or a last option due to rising cost of rental and below subsistence minimum wage. They are also known as illegal campers as they usually congregate in three or more tents or shanties.

Cannabis state – this is one of the legal states for cannabis. There are over a hundred establishments all over WA that sell cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. In Seattle alone, there are 33 stores that sell this stuff in buds, flowers and even edible forms in cookies and candies. Using this stuff in public is prohibited and only allowed in establishments that permit it. Out of our naturally nosy characters we went to few stores and checked things for ourselves and we found this so I took a picture 😉

Thank you for reading!

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